Module 6/18 

The Sacred Serpent mystery school. 

This module’s content has two parts:


Part 1: 

The sacred serpent mystery initiation video.
For part 1, please watch the video below without having read the notes in part 2. 
Make sure to watch it full screen with the sound on. 



Part 2:

The Delphic mysteries:  
Click the attached pdf for the course notes on the Delphic mysteries, or listen to the audio below. 




The assignment you are invited to complete before module 6 has two parts: 


Part 1- reflect on your experience so far

Reflect on your original intention at the beginning of the mystery school course which began in February. 
What was your approach? What were your aims? 
What interested you about this programme from the start, and what impact did you originally want to awaken? 

Then, reflect on the following: 
How has this intention or approach changed? What are the new elements which may have arisen? What has been released? 
Is there are new intention for the rest of the time together, the 12 more modules which are to follow? 

You are then invited to make some space for active listening, asking to be shown how can this programme support you more than it already is. 
Perhaps you can also be shown ways that I, as your facilitator, can better support you. 

If there are any actions or invitations to come up, feel free to act on them. 

Part 2- Build a new practice

Many of you have mentioned that you continued the 35 min group connection practice, and have even maintained the song. 
The invitation for the next practice, for the next 8 days until module 6, is to come up with a practice of your own that you wish to commit to, in order to connect more deeply with this group, this field, and mainly yourself.

You can use any of the sound or other practice elements we have already been working with, or something new. 
You can also just sit in stillness and wait for the guidance to come. 

*Extra element: Sacred site connection. 

Module 5’s sacred site for us to connect to the power of was the temple of War Arun in Thailand. 
I didnt bring it up because it felt we were working with enough elements in the module session  and there was no room to add anything more. 
You can feel free to include the connection to this site to your practice. 



4- Module 6 – Session recordings

Part 1 – Shares
Part 2 – Practice