Orgasmic Shamanism
Radical sexual empowerment

A 3-hour workshop
Friday 20 October 2023
18:30 - 21:30
London (Soho)
For male-identified bodies (men - cis & trans)


Orgasmic shamanism is an erotic practice of energy transmission and spontaneous movement. 

It teaches us that that the power behind all of creation exists within us as well. 
Not only in our cocks, but also in our spines, the tips of our fingers, our toes, the tips of our tails… 

It teaches us to be present, first with ourselves and then with others.

It teaches us that our sexual nature can be healing.
Not just for us but for others too.

It is trauma-informed.
It recognises when limitations and distortions from the past come up, and offers resources for them to be seen and nourished.

It is also a practice of deep-pleasure.

Beyond simply serving a temporary wave of pleasure limited to our time in the class, it awakens pleasure pathways than can exist in every moment of our lives, sexual or non-sexual. 


✔ This 3-hour class begins with a short intro about the links between shamanism, sexuality, power and presence. 

✔ There will also be a short sharing space in which your voices will be heard.

✔ Then we will share an individual self-pleasuring practice. 
We will go deep, and learn to hold a healing space of presence and eros for ourselves. For our bodies, our pleasure, our shadows, our pains, but mainly for our deeper power to emerge. 

✔We will follow with an optional partner practice, we will learn to extend this same presence to a partner (or partners). We will learn to connect with others from a place of empowerment, authenticity and wholeness. 

Every act of sexuality is an act of seeking wholeness. 

To be whole, is to heal. 


The workshop is taught naked and includes mutual sexual touch.

There will be no oral sex, penetrative sex. the focus will be on deeply erotic sensual touch.
While partner work is part of this practice, this is first and foremost an individual process. 
Partner work is merely a tool to achieve a deeper connection to our truth and our essence.
There is no obligation to interact with other participants.
As well as focusing on desires and pleasure, there will be a strong emphasis on holding boundaries and consent.
We will begin by exploring ways to voice our “yeses and noes” in a way that is clear and compassionate.
Participants will also need to be open to interacting with people they are randomly assigned, while respecting their boundaries and those of others.


This workshop is for all participants that identify as men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and body types. 
It is for participants who are interested in exploring spiritual and erotic practices on a journey of self-discovery. 
It will not be of interest to people who are simply seeking a play party, or to “get off” as a group.


No experience is necessary.

This workshop is perfect for advanced practitioners as well as complete newbies.
This practice may differ from other tantra practices you may have encountered, therefore I do recommend that you watch some of my videos to know more about this practice and ensure it resonates.

✔ You can have a look at the below video,
using PROMO CODE CALI22 at check out to watch it free.
✔ You can find some videos here:

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Marc is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialised in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. 

His work has two main focuses:
1- Supporting the transmutation of shame, trauma and shadow to power, purpose and mastery.
2- As a teacher's teacher, he trains facilitators, therapists and teachers by supporting their development of new abilities. 

His practices, which are often considered radical, combine talk therapy, with experiential processes involving the soma (the body), energy transmission and sexual explorations.

Interactions can range from gentler ones including soft touch, cuddling and conscious stillness to more radical ones such as dark-room therapy, and re-enacting kinky, taboo and shameful sexual scenarios in healing and conscious ways.

Today, he shares his work through 1-1 sessions, online and in-person, residential and non-residential courses and workshops, and online live and pre-recorded courses. 

After spending over a decade training in somatic movement therapy, energy work and sacred sexuality, his own practice emerged as a result of his years spent observing behavioural responses in 1-1 and group therapy sessions worldwide.

As well as being a trained somatic movement therapist, he has also been initiated into shamanism in 2015 and in the Mystery School as a student in 2013 and a guide in 2018.
He is also senior faculty at the Shakti Shiva Academy since 2021. 

While his process and practice are open to people of all levels of experience, he tends to work mostly with advanced practitioners, people who are keen to become facilitators, and facilitators wishing to develop new skills.