A play with gravity enables a perceptual and neurological shift

2 videos
1- An intro (11 min)
2- A guided practice (26 min)


If you have been following these classes sequentially, you will have noticed by now that the connection to the earth is an important component.
It allows us to feel solid, safe and held.
It allows our body to become more open and to begin a process of more deeply connecting to ourselves and to our power.

This class will now turn our practice on its head, literally.
We will explore how playing with gravity, ie our position and relationship towards the earth, allows a a perceptual shift to take place, and a greater expansion, beyond the limitations of the self, to take place.


The practice taught in this class will, similarly to previous ones, include a play with breath, sound, movement and touch.
We will also connect with the earth, and will include a new element of play with different relationships to gravity.
You will be invited to use an element such as a wall, an ottoman, a chair, a sofa, a low table, or any other stable element you can find, to explore different perspectives in this practice.

New neurological pathways are created, a perceptual shift is enabled, and creativity and c connection to creation can be enables.

And its a whole lot of fun.

1- Lecture (11 min) 

2- Guided practice (25 min)