Finding wholeness in the body

2 videos
1- An intro (12 min)
2- A guided practice (26 min)


It's important to talk about wholeness when we are exploring the body.
Because the awakening of the power of eros, the medicine that exists within us, happens as a result of exploring the parts of our self which are being limited, which have experienced division.
An exploration of wholeness will always start by exploring and being shown the places where division has taken place.
This includes, cultural conditioning, trauma, or other types of limiting experiences.
Exploring wholeness in the body allows for more of our being to come online: for the power that has been dormant and forgotten to reawaken.


This practice will use a sound from the practice of Continuum movement which is called the Jaques sound. Sound is important in our practices because it helps to dissolve density in the body.
Density is where division lives.
Fluidity is where wholeness lives.
The dissolving of density will lead to the awakening of the fluid.
The sound Jaques is the one I know that works best with density because it is a combination of two sounds and is also quite strong in its expression>
In this practice we will play with this potent sound, as well as awareness and movement to allow more integration and wholeness to happen in the body.
We will then weave in sexual energy and self-pleasuring as a way of increasing the potency of the practice.
The new-found wholeness in the body will allow us to feel the sexual energy in a. different way.

1- Lecture (12 min) 

2- Guided practice (26 min)