An erotic and body-based process of self-discovery.
Exploring erotic power, purpose and creativity.

A 2-part tutorial:
1- A lecture / demonstration (23 min)
2- A guided practice (38 min)


Our essence is the part of our being that is connected to Truth. It exists beyond the patterns, stories, narratives and trauma that limit us.
Our essence awakens when we connect to the oneness, truth and wholeness that exist within us. Eros is one of the main ways to achieve this.
Eros is much more than sexuality, it relates to the creation of all life, all existence.
It exists within us.
By awakening our connection to the force of eros that exists within us, we also connect to our own life-giving power allowing us to create, thrive and be more whole.


This class will first teach you about the relationship between eros, creativity and purpose. It will introduce eros as a force that expands well beyond our usual ideas of it which relate to sex.

There will be a short cognitive process that will allow us to begin our practice. You will then be guided into the body, through an erotic and somatic practice that allows a deeper connection to your essence to take place.
We will be using breath, sound, awareness and sexual energy to enter into a deeper dialog with the body and with our essence.

1- Lecture and demonstration (23 min) 

2- Guided practice (39 min)