Mystery school Level 2
Module 1 | YUCATAN
13 JANUARY - 19 JANUARY 2023
Restricted to Mystery School students only
Over the 6-day course, we will gather as sacred brothers to share a process of deep transmutation.

Our only intention will be to sit with our potent field and await to see what arises; as we draw what is needed by us from this field.

We will share from the heart whatever arises naturally. We will grow from releasing the illusions of the past, the ideas of who we are, and also by witnessing the process of others.

Through continuous exposure to a field of intensified energy, we will experience an energetic attunement through a process of development of energetic structures.

We will also visit the sacred site of UXMAL where we will experience a ceremony in which we will experience these intensified energies.

We will also dive into practices that are somatic, erotic or simply meditative as these are shown to us.

At the core of our group sessions will be the practice of Orgasmic Shamanism - an erotic practice of energy work and spontaneous movement that connects us to our greater intelligence.

This subtle practice connects us to the movement of the flow of life, allowing deep processing and unfolding to take place.

Our days will normally last from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm.
Depending on what arises, they might be composed of the following:

1- Theory / lectures
2- Sharing and emotional processing spaces
2- Somatic / erotic practices
3- Energetic development

2- Home study content:
There will also be 18 modules of teachings offered in 2 formats:
Written notes (approximately 25 pages each) 
audio recording (approximately 35 minutes each.

The topics covered by these modules relate to our connection to cosmic forces as well as the 5 stages of the mystery school.

It will be possible for these topics to arise in the space if these are called forth by participants or if they emerge naturally from the field.

3- The deep dive.
In this module we will explore a DEEP DIVE space of 24-48 hours (depending what is called forth) in which we will be experiencing the field without any verbal communication. Connection and communication can happen between participants by using sounds, movements, touch, even sexual touch. We will be agreeing to non-verbal ways of communicating boundaries.


We will stay in a traditional Hacienda surrounded by a magical and private natural landscape. The house is spacious and has its own private pool as well as expansive outdoor spaces . 
There is wifi available in the house and use of electronics will be strictly limited to the bedrooms.
Electronics such as phones, iPads or laptops will not be able to be used in any public areas and I strongly recommend to limit their use entirely.
Our dedicated chef will prepare specially catered vegetarian meals, made from locally sourced ingredients, for breakfast lunch and dinner.
There will be no alcohol on site.
As the week progresses, the menu will become more wholesome and nutritious and we will be limiting the availability of caffeine and sugar on certain days.
Please advise us in advance of any dietary requirements or allergies. 
PRICE - From £1300
Prices range from £1300 to £1750 per person depending on the type of room you choose.
50% of the cost is required at booking, and the balance two weeks before the retreat start date.
Payment can also be made in intsalments as long as the full amount is paid before the course start date.


-3 meals  a day
-All workshops and practices  
-Transport and entrance to UXMAL site 


-Airport transfer to the hacienda- this can be organised for an extra fee.  
-Any visas that may be required 




About your facilitator

Marc is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialised in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. 

His work has two main focuses:
1- Supporting the transmutation of shame, trauma and shadow to power, purpose and mastery.
2- As a teacher's teacher, he trains facilitators, therapists and teachers by supporting their development of new abilities. 

His practices, which are often considered radical, combine talk therapy, with experiential processes involving the soma (the body), energy transmission and sexual explorations.

Interactions can range from gentler ones including soft touch, cuddling and conscious stillness to more radical ones such as dark-room therapy, and re-enacting kinky, taboo and shameful sexual scenarios in healing and conscious ways.

Today, he shares his work through 1-1 sessions, online and in-person, residential and non-residential courses and workshops, and online live and pre-recorded courses. 

After spending over a decade training in somatic movement therapy, energy work and sacred sexuality, his own practice emerged as a result of his years spent observing behavioural responses in 1-1 and group therapy sessions worldwide.

As well as being a trained somatic movement therapist, he has also been initiated into shamanism in 2015 and in the Mystery School as a student in 2013 and a guide in 2018.
He is also senior faculty at the Shakti Shiva Academy since 2021. 

While his process and practice are open to people of all levels of experience, he tends to work mostly with advanced practitioners, people who are keen to become facilitators, and facilitators wishing to develop new skills.