Sex Shaman,
Sacred Prostitute.

What do they have in common?

When I first was told I was a shaman, years ago, I was confused. 

I had always imagined a shaman as an old man, with a long white beard and intricate costumes and accessories who had been born and raised by a tribe in the forest or jungle. I had also imagined they had spent decades being groomed to conduct ceremonies that included animal sacrifices and calling in the four directions.

Then on my first mission in Brazil in 2015, I began to understand it differently. I learned a shaman is someone who has developed a strong connection to source within themselves and in doing so, can support others in creating that connection as well. They therefore teach by transmission, simply by the power of their very presence.

It all became even juicier when, through Kenneth Ray Stubbs, I understood the important role of the sacred prostitute as someone who also brings healing and transformation to others through the power of their presence as well. 

Most importantly, we all have these powers within us.
It is their important job to remind us.

Sex shaman or sacred prostitute? 
The wording is irrelevant.
It’s all about 

Presence means being able to stand in that very fine space between the memories of the past and my projections of the future that limit me.

In that space of presence I am one with source.
In that space of presence I can neutralise all history.

Watch this 50-min video of my conversation with the grandfather of erotic massage, Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

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Upcoming Courses
Practices of embodied experiential sexology
& shamanic journeys of connection to source
2 types of courses:
Somatic Sexuality
*Somatic refers to the soma, ie the "living body", a body which is inhabited.
It relates to our ability to experience everything in existence in the felt sense of our body:
From the challenges and disruptions that disregulate us, to the resources that support our healing.
The Mystery School
*Mystery refers to the mystery behind all of existence.
It is a process of initiation that connects us to the source of existence that exists within us.
Through a process of rebirth it connects us to the flow of life.