Penis Power – A half-day intensive workshop London



A half-day workshop – For cis men
Awakening our inner healing power and channeling it to our penis. 
Saturday 27 April 2024
1 pm to 6:30 pm.
Soho, London (Exact location to be provided upon booking) 


Across time, the penis was known as a tool for our greatest power by some of the greatest civilisations such as the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians. In our modern context, it is comment to find our relationship to the penis to be complex, confusing or even wounded.

What to expect

This half-day intensive will be a sacred loving space for a group of men to gather and focus healing resources and energy to the penis.

The day will include:
1- A lecture
2- Emotional processing circles
3- Individual somatic / energetic practices
4- partner and group somatic and energetic practices

You will be guided to:

  • dive deep into your body and explore the healing power that is available to you
  • To explore the sense of safety and connection to source and power which exist within you
  • To dialog with your body and most importantly your penis
  • Individually and as groups, you will be invited to channel the healing power of your body towards your penis.

How sexy will it get?

All participants will need to be naked for this workshop.
With regards to partner work, you will be invited to set your boundaries and will not be obligated to do anything you dont want to do.

While there will be a lot of focus on the penis, this is primarily a healing space.

This is not a play space, a place to just find sex, or an orgy.
There is nothing wrong with any of these things, I am just stating this to manage expectations.

Upon booking your space you will receive an email with all the details for this event.
You will also receive a reminder email on 20 April 2024.


Early-bird £125 (6 first people)
Regular £150


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