Orgasmic Shamanism – An evening intensive (LONDON)


An intensive evening workshop,
An erotic practice of self-discovery.


Learn to awaken more wholeness with the orgasm
Cultivate more presence and greater power
Awaken a deeper connection to your truth

DATE/ TIME: Friday 16 September 18:30 to 22:00 (3.5 hours) 

LOCATION: LONDON SOHO (exact location to be sent upon booking) 


Orgasmic shamanism is a practice of spontaneous movement and energy transmission rooted in somatic movement therapy, tantra and shamanism.
It teaches us how to achieve greater presence as well as connection to greater power through the body, and sexual energy (in self-pleasuring and in our interactions with others) 
It explores the energetic dimension of the orgasm through which we can connect to greater power and achieve more oneness with ourselves, each other and the entire universe. It is a practice that allows us to dive into the realm of cosmic sex in which we can connect to greater oneness and wholeness through Eros. 

The more time we spend in a state of oneness, the more we awaken the truth of who we are and transform.

In this intensive evening workshop, we will gather as brothers, lovers and partners to share a sacred space of deep erotic play.

  • You will learn somatic movement therapy techniques allowing you to dive into the deeper layers of your body, below conditioning, narratives, and stories.
  • You will learn to use spontaneous movement, eros and energy work to cultivate deeper presence as well as connection to a greater power.
  • We will also integrate self-pleasuring, allowing to intensify the practice with the power of Eros and orgasmic energy.
  • We will then move into a deep dive, meditative space including individual, partner and group work. 
  • There will also be a short sharing circle in which participants will be able to speak intentions or challenges that are seeking resolution.

Together, we will learn to connect to our source and use the power of our highest pleasure as a force for transformation. 


The workshop is taught naked and includes mutual sexual touch.
There will be no oral sex, penetrative sex. the focus will be on deeply erotic sensual touch.

While partner work is part of this practice, this is first and foremost an individual process.
Partner work is merely a tool to achieve a deeper connection to our truth and our essence.

There is no obligation to interact with other participants.
As well as focusing on desires and pleasure, there will be a strong emphasis on holding boundaries and consent.
We will begin by exploring ways to voice our “yeses and noes” in a way that is clear and compassionate.
Participants will also need to be open to interacting with people they are randomly assigned, while respecting their boundaries and those of others.


This workshop is for all participants that identify as men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and body types.
It is for participants who are interested in exploring spiritual and erotic practices of deep transformation.
It will not be of interest to people who are simply seeking a play party, or to “get off” as a group.


No experience is necessary.
This workshop is perfect for advanced practitioners as well as complete newbies.
This practice may differ from other tantra practices you may have encountered, therefore I do recommend that you watch some of my videos to know more about this practice and ensure it resonates.

✅You can have a look at the below video, using PROMO CODE CALI22 at check out to watch it free.
You can find some videos here:


£69 – early bird, limited to the first 6 tickets sold
£79 – general admission 

Upon confirming your ticket, you will receive access to a page with all the information for the event.
You will also receive an email with all the event details.
If you do not receive this, please check your junk mail box.


All tickets are non-refundable without exception.
On certain limited occasions, tickets may be transferred to future events or to other participants.
The decision to transfer a ticket is dependent on the specific conditions and is at the discretion of the event host. 


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