The DEEP Erotic Dive –


An intensive, erotic and transformative workshop
SUNDAY 06 MAR 2022

Learn to deepen your erotic spiritual practice
Learn to increase erotic pleasure on your own and with partners
Awaken a deeper transformative power with Eros and the Orgasm

(in-person, in London, taught naked, for men of all orientations and identities)

DATE/ TIME: Sunday 06 March 14:00 to 19:00 (5 hours) 
LOCATION: Soho, London (exact location TBC upon booking) 


Orgasmic shamanism is a practice of spontaneous movement and energy work that emerged from somatic movement therapy, tantra and shamanism.
This workshop will guide you on a deep dive into your body and your erotic landscape, allowing you to awaken and access the power to transform.

Our highest pleasure becomes a tool to achieve our greatest healing and transformation.
In this 5-hour workshop, you will learn a series of techniques to deepen your erotic spiritual practice and will be guided to practice them individually, in partners and as a group, in our potent container.

We will begin with some somatic movement therapy techniques allowing us dive into the deeper layers of our bodies, below the limits of our conditioning, narratives, and stories.
We will then weave in some self-pleasuring, allowing us to enrich the practice with the power of Eros and orgasmic energy.
There will also be a short sharing circle in which each participant will be able to speak and process a challenge or context that is seeking resolution.
We will then integrate these practices into a deep dive space including partner and group practices, even culminating in a “sacred orgy” experience.


The workshop is men-only, taught naked and includes mutual sexual touch.
There will be no oral sex, penetrative sex. the focus will be on deeply erotic sensual touch.
Participants can decide to engage with others as little or as much as they like.
There is no obligation to interact with other participants.

As well as focusing on desires and pleasure, there will be a strong emphasis on holding boundaries and consent.
We will begin by exploring ways to voice our “yeses and noes” in a way that is clear and compassionate.


This work is for experienced practitioners only. All participants must have participated to another Orgasmic Shamanism class, either in-person or online, before taking part in this one.
The workshop will be held in Soho, London.
The exact location will be shared upon booking.


In order to create a safe space for us to gather: One of the following will be required in order to attend the workshop:
– A negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before the start time
– A negative Antigens test taken no less than 48 hours prior to the start time
– A negative rapid flow test taken at home earlier in the day (please bring the result with you)
– Alternatively you can bring a rapid flow test to be done on the spot prior to the workshop. if you choose this option, you will need to arrive no later than 6pm.

Please note that this will be required regardless of vaccination status.


£70 – early bird, limited to 6 and available until 18 February 2022 
£80 – general admission

About your facilitator

Also known as the Orgasmic shaman, Marc is a somatic and shamanic therapist specialised in supporting radical transformation with the power of the orgasm. He defines transformation as the return to the truth of who we are.
He spends most of his time teaching his own practice, Orgasmic Shamanism, which uses energy work and spontaneous movement to harness the energy of the orgasm for spiritual growth and personal transformation.
His approach is often considered radical and his passion lies in transmuting our deep and most shameful shadows into our highest and most transformative power.
In 2013, he completed the Authentic Eros 1-year tantra and sexual explorations training with Kai Erhardt and Volker Moritz in Berlin.
He has taken Buddhist refuge under Tharig Rinpoche in Kathmandu and is also a mystery school initiate and guide; initiated into the mysteries in 2012 and initiated as a shaman in 2014. He has spent the years following his initiation travelling the world leading ceremonies, and workshops at some of the world’s most powerful sacred sites.
He has completed the 20 levels of the path of the sexual shaman training, by Arizona-Based sexual Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs who has been his mentor since 2016.
He is also a trained facilitator in theta-healing, emotional freedom technique, and Reiki as well as a somatic movement facilitator.
His work of orgasmic shamanism emerged from his years of working with tantra, somatic movement and energy transmission work. He is passionate about providing a radical and integrated approach that supports clients and workshop participants in their journey to empowerment, higher purpose and limitless creativity.

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