The Deep Erotic shadow


A rich and intensive 7-week course,
An exploration of sexual shame and personal power.

Online Via Zoom – Starting Thursday 04 August 2022
Course Dates (all Thursdays) :
– 04, 11, 18, 25 August
– 08, 15, 22 September
Start time every week:
12 noon PST / 3pm EST / 8pm UK / 9pm CET
Session duration: 2 hours / week

This course is offered in collaboration with the Shakti Shiva Academy, where I am honoured to be a collaborating teacher.
The framework of its content is inspired by their 7-week course, “Desire, Fear & Taboo”.  


Our shadow is the part of ourselves that we want to avoid, that we sweep under the rug, that we don’t want to see and we certainly don’t want to talk about. 
When it remains unexplored it can create a murky underworld that can impact every aspect of our life: our relationships, our finances, our relationship to purpose etc. 
It creates patterns, stories and narratives that keep us from being our true selves and from seeing life as it truly is.
When explored and integrated, transformation can happen. 
It isn’t, however, just about getting rid of it or resolving it. 
It is a journey to better know ourselves, as the shadow often leads us to the awakening of our greatest power and our highest gifts. 

The sexual shadow can be most potent to explore as it can often hold our darkest shame and our most relentless compulsions.

This 7-week course will take you on a deep dive exploring every aspect of your shadow. 

It will offer participants a sacred and safe space to explore these aspects with a group of sacred brothers, while also learning skills that will allow you to deepen the exploration on your own.

Each of the sessions will include the following:
– A short lecture
– A sharing space for emotional processing
– A guided meditative practice involving somatic practices and energy work.
– You will also receive a wide range of materials, such as PDF notes, audio recordings, video recordings, assignments, etc, to deepen and support the learning between sessions.  

The following themes will be explored:

WEEK 1 – The introduction to the shadow
You will learn how to begin exploring your shadow
You will also discover the role that sexuality and eros play in the process 

WEEK 2 – The chaos of Eros
You will learn how to engage with our compulsive sexual fantasies
You will also learn the art of slowing down to bring presence and integration to your unconscious polarities and projections

WEEK 3 – Your erotic landscape
You will learn new ways to relate to your desires
You will also learn about referred desire and how does it open the doors to the unconscious

WEEK 4 – Fear
You will learn how to explore fear and how it impacts our eroticism
You will also discover how your biggest desires are often linked to your biggest fears

WEEK 5 – Exploring our patterns
You will learn to dive below habitual patterns that might be limiting you

WEEK 6 – Exploring sexual trauma
We will explore trauma’s role in our erotic responses
We will explore the role and wisdom of the nervous system
We will explore how to engage with a deeper erotic truth 

WEEK 7 – Your wise erotic body
We will explore how to deepen our connection to our body’s inner wisdom
We will learn about the impact of neurochemistry on your choices


By signing up to this course you will receive the following:

1- Access to the 7 x 120 minute group sessions – live on Zoom for 7 Thursdays
2- Written pdf notes for each session
3- Lifetime access to the session video recordings
4- Bonus video recordings (including Conscious BDSM with Shakti Malan)
5- The “Desire, Fear & Taboo” Ebook by Shakti Malan
6- You will also be able to sign up to the Shakti Shiva Academy Mighty Network community where you will receive access to more learning materials. 

Please note this course is open to all men and may include nudity and self-pleasuring.


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£335 early bird (limited to first 6 participants)
£395 regular

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