" The etymology of the word 'Desire' is 'Awaiting what the stars will bring'.

What gets me hard, wet, excited, shows me parts of myself which might be dormant."

A collection of longer videos that teaches us practices to awaken the power of eros within the body.

These last between 25 and 50 minutes and aim to do the following:

✔ Teach us practices to awaken a deeper connection to the body
✔ Guide us through erotic practices to better harness the power of our erotic energy
✔ Help us build a regular practice
✔ Teach us principles to better understand wholeness and oneness in the body.

The power of our desires

A short video sharing the importance of exploring our desires

1 video (4 min)

Exploring our shameful sexual fantasies

A 2-part class, sharing theory as well as a meditation on exploring our most shameful sexual fantasies
2 videos (17 min)

My most shameful sexual fantasy

A 2-part class, continues the exploration of shameful fantasies with an explicit NSFW video case study.

2 videos (57 min)

Harnessing primal urges

A somatic self-pleasuring practice, exploring the power in our most animalistic sexual urges

2 videos (58 min)

5 ways to better use porn

How can we use porn differently for it to become a more meaningful experience?

1 video (15 min)