I wanted them all to f… me 

-Blog post – 06 August 2021-

I wanted all of them to fuck me. 
Each and every one of them. 
And many of them did. 

My friend and I were finishing a night of partying in a South London club when a couple of guys invited us to join an after-party at their place. 
I was feeling especially strong chemistry with one of them, and we could barely even wait to leave the club before getting it on.

He (I forgot his name) was already pulling on my jockstrap with one hand while he spat on the fingers of the other, sliding them inside me as he pushed me against the wall by the cloakroom. 

“This is promising….” I thought. 

When we got to his house, the sun had fully risen and flooded through the window between the open curtains. (Much too soon for my liking…)
We had sex, and he came quickly. 
It wasn’t enough for me. 

Luckily, there was a whole party going on, and a flow of new lads kept arriving. 
I hadn’t taken any drugs and had barely drunk any alcohol all night. 
I was running on adrenaline, Red Bulls, and an insatiable hunger for sex.

Our “host” said he couldn’t stay in bed with me too long. 
As more people arrived, he had to keep an eye on the house. He did, however, promise to tell his guests there was a “hungry slut” waiting in the bed upstairs, ready and willing… Read More


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