Sacred Intimacy is a vocation.

Sacred Intimacy is a vocation that finds you. 
And when it finds you, all you have to do is listen, and it will show you the way. 

The sacred intimate is a modern
adaptation of two, more ancient and radical archetypes: the sex shaman and the sacred prostitute.
The two have a lot in common.
Mainly, they both bring healing to others through the sexual act. 

The path to being a sacred intimate has 3 parts:
1- One must actively find their connection to source, to the power being the creation of all live.
2- One must spend as much time as possible engaging in this connection to source.
3- When one is ready, after sustained and continuous connection, they can share this connection with others through the sexual act.
Healing and growth can take place.

On Friday I offered a zoom lecture about sacred intimacy and the archetypes of the sacred prostitute and the sex shaman. 

If you couldn’t make it, you can click here or the video thumb above to get access to a short 5-min video.
And if you want to go deeper you can click the link to the longer full 60-min video.
And if it calls you, you can join us in Costa Rica for our training course in March. 

WATCH The full 60-min video here:

Sacred Intimacy- Exploring the healing power of the sexual act

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