The land whispered.

Aloha from California as I land from a magical trip to Hawaii.

I wanted to share a moment that occurred as I walked randomly by a local beach in the town of Kapaa.

I felt called to sit on a narrow stretch of sand by the ocean, to connect to it and listen to its whispers. It reminded me of one of the origins of Orgasmic shamanism which is the connection to land.

Orgasmic shamanism is a practice of energetic transmission which is informed by concepts of somatic movement therapy.

A shaman has developed the ability to merge into oneness with anything they encounter. This could be another person, but also an elemental form such as a patch of land, a tree, a stone…

A process of transmission takes place through which information can be received, shared or both, depending on the context.
The shaman’s body can translate and process the information and turn into a usable force.
It can be transmuted (or healed) if needed, or simply embodied and used as a resource.

As a result, transformation can take place.

As I experience this process, I find my body experiencing subtle spontaneous movements and expressions of sound which are primordial. These are expressions of the cosmic unfolding; the source of life is expressed through me.

This force that wriggles my fingers and toes is the same that is behind the rising of the sun,  and the moon, the movement of the winds and tornados, and the lighting-up of the stars.

We are not separate from it.
We are it.

We know from somatic movement therapy that our bodies reflect our consciousness. 

Allowing our bodies to express their innate and primordial connection to their source allows our consciousness to also experience the power of source as well. 

We fall into alignment with truth, we heal and transform.

I hope you enjoy this video in which I experience the whispers of the land of Kauai, the grandmother of the Hawaiian islands, and guide you on a short somatic process as well.

Aho, Mahalo, aloha.  

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