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Tantric foreplay
Deepen intimacy and connection with foreplay techniques. (10 min)
Practicing the hu breath
Practicing the hu breath In this short video, I demonstrate the Hu breath by continuum movement. This breath is great for activating sexual energy while pleasuring and allowing that energy to move up and down our midline, and core energy channel.  NSFW [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
Sacred orgies and the orgasm field - movie trailer
This is the trailer for Sacred orgies and the orgasm field, a short 12-minute movie about our orgasmic potential. You can view the full movie free here. 
Orgasmic shamanism demonstration - Nude
Orgasmic shamanism demonstration - Nude This short video demonstrates the practice of orgasmic shamanism naked. To find out more about this practice, click here. 
An introduction to Orgasmic shamanism - demonstration (3 min)
An introduction to orgasmic shamanism. Orgasmic shamanism is a mystery practice. A process of self-discovery and personal transformation inspired by the legacy of ancient civilisations. 
At times it can be radical and gruelling, at other times it can be subtle and highly pleasurable. 

It might throw us into a pitch-black room for days to experience a conceptual death, invite us to explore or re-enact our most shameful sexual fantasies, or simply call us to sit in complete stillness and ...