Ecstasy & Agony.
What is Tantra? 

Kenneth Ray Stubbs and Marc Peridis speak. 

Tantra is a loaded word I have definitely had a love-hate relationship with… mainly because of all the misconceptions that limit its potential.

So when legendary author and teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs, who has been involved in tantra for almost 50 years, asked me to sit down and chat for a podcast episode titled “What is tantra?” I couldn’t say no. 

The gist it? 

Tantra is not just a practice of conscious sex, intimacy or pleasure.
Tantra is a way of life.

In tantra, I am present, empowered and connected to a realm of deep nourishment beyond anything I can understand with the mind.

I achieve this state through a continuous practice of engaging with oneness and wholeness. Sex, ecstasy and bliss are only part of the equation… 

The tantric path can also be agonising and torturous. Oneness, after all, is not exclusive. By definition, it requires us to engage with EVERYTHING beyond any differentiation. 

As we dance between contractions and expansions, trauma heals, limitations fall away, and we can expand into a life of greater creativity and potential… 

Check out this short clip and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth! 🙂 

And then check out more good stuff below.. 😉 

Sending big love, 

Marc x 

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