The medicine of Eros part 2 –
Transformation with Eros. 

This is part 2 of the 3-part Medicine of Eros video series. 

In video 1, we reclaimed Eros, exploring it as a transformative process that takes me back to the oneness I am.
In this video, part 2, we start to look at how we can apply these concepts to begin the process of achieving transformation with Eros.

I define transformation as a process by which I become more of who I truly am.
This happens when I spend more time engaging with the parts of myself that are beyond my stories, my narratives, the beliefs that limit me.

Because Eros is a process that leads me to the source of everything, it also leads me to my own source.
The more I connect to this place, the more parts of my truth unfold.

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Upcoming Courses
Practices of embodied experiential sexology
& shamanic journeys of connection to source
2 types of courses:
Somatic Sexuality
*Somatic refers to the soma, ie the "living body", a body which is inhabited.
It relates to our ability to experience everything in existence in the felt sense of our body:
From the challenges and disruptions that disregulate us, to the resources that support our healing.
The Mystery School
*Mystery refers to the mystery behind all of existence.
It is a process of initiation that connects us to the source of existence that exists within us.
Through a process of rebirth it connects us to the flow of life.