The work of exploring our sexuality can be highly pleasurable. We can speak about our desires, our fantasies and find new ways of reaching ecstasy and bliss.
It can also be gruelling, uncomfortable and deeply challenging. In fact, that is usually when it is the most impactful… 

When people sign up to my highest work, they can often find themselves thrown into a pitch black room, taking a vow of secrecy and silence, confined to a diet of superbland foods for 3-4 days. They can find themselves exploring their darkest shame as we re-inact fantasies that terrorise them while simultaneously turning them on. 

Part of my job is to take people to their edges. I have found that this is how we grow the most, and the fastest. What is on the other side of it, is a life that feels mhore fulfilling, expansive and truthful. 

My greatest leap came from a somatic deep dive in a pitch black room, a gruelling process in which I was forced to face my business’ 500,000$ debt and the demons that came with it. 
It was overwhelming and overpowering and I had nowhere to run or hide. 

I had no choice but to surrender. 

I realised it became an invitation to step into a deeper flow with life. 

I previously produced a 9-min video which tells the story of this moment that significant in defining my life and my career. I would love to invite you to have a look at it below. 

Also, if you are interested in these types of explorations, have a look at the upcoming events below.

Upcoming Courses
Practices of embodied experiential sexology
& shamanic journeys of connection to source
2 types of courses:
Somatic Sexuality
*Somatic refers to the soma, ie the "living body", a body which is inhabited.
It relates to our ability to experience everything in existence in the felt sense of our body:
From the challenges and disruptions that disregulate us, to the resources that support our healing.
The Mystery School
*Mystery refers to the mystery behind all of existence.
It is a process of initiation that connects us to the source of existence that exists within us.
Through a process of rebirth it connects us to the flow of life.