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About Power
ABOUT POWER Power is the ability to connect to the mysterious force behind the creation of all of existence.  It is the only true force; the one that powers tornados, that opens the petals of a flower, that wriggles our fingers and toes. It effortlessly creates all life and is directly connected to our universal order. To be empowered is to be connected to this force, and to allow ourselves to surrender to the "now" rather than control it; allowing these intelligent hands to do their work.   [...]
Awakening grounding and sensations
  Awakening grounding and sensations A somatic practice  In this short video, I share some somatic therapy practice elements that are the most foundational to the work I do.  They relate to grounding and increasing our awareness of sensations: two of the most important starting points for a healing journey. 1- Feeling sensations more deeply.  As I feel my body's sensations more fully, I get a stronger sense of who I truly am, of my truth. This allows me to gain an awareness of my [...]
The medicine of Eros - Part 2 - Transformation with Eros
This is part 2 of the 3-part Medicine of Eros video series.  In video 1, we reclaimed Eros, exploring it as a transformative process that takes me back to the oneness I am. In this video, part 2, we start to look at how we can apply these concepts to begin the process of achieving transformation with Eros. 
The medicine of Eros - Part 1 - Reclaiming Eros
What is Eros?  Generally, we have learned to relate Eros to sex and love, it is from which the Erotic arises, Eros is mainly recognised the Greek God of  love, sensuality, passion, sex.  In earlier greek mythology, however Eros was known as one of the primordial Gods. The primordial Gods, are the ones who related to the coming into form of the formless, the creation of all life. An easy way to grasp this concept is by visualising our universe in two parts, the local and the non-local. [...]

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