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The land whispered - Mahalo
The land whispered. Mahalo. Aloha from California as I land from a magical trip to Hawaii. I wanted to share a moment that occurred as I walked randomly by a local beach in the town of Kapaa. I felt called to sit on a narrow stretch of sand by the ocean, to connect to it and listen to its whispers. It reminded me of one of the origins of Orgasmic shamanism which is the connection to land. Orgasmic shamanism is a practice of energetic transmission which is informed by concepts of somatic ...
The teachings come
The Teachings Come No one can teach us sensuality.  It is innate within each of us and is unveiled as we get intimate with ourselves.  No one can teach us the wisdom we will share with others. It is unique to each of us and it will find us when it’s time.  No one can teach us abundance.  We will learn it by experiencing deep loss.  No one can teach you how to love and be loved. Because intrinsically we are love.  For years, I had amazing teachers in various modalities but the real teachings ...
When our shadows sing
When our shadows sing Exploring the gifts of our sexual shame.  Our wounds, shadows and demons are not simply here to make our lives hell. They will often, almost always, come bearing gifts.  They will  behave like arrows pointing towards the places where love is needed within us. They are not just meant to be healed and tolerated. They will show us what is needed by us to awaken more wholeness and truth.  The process will have a ripple effect that can impact various areas of our lives.  ...
The radical act of taking space
The radical act of taking space. Here is a second video excerpt from my recent conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. In this video, I talk about the importance of turning inwards, a radical act in a world that functions on us relying on what surrounds us. Our world is craving innovation. All of us can be innovators when we take the time to turn inwards, dive deep, and listen to the great wisdom that arises. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: ...
The radical edge of tantra
The radical edge of tantra This video is an excerpt from a conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. What I call the radical edge of tantra is the places where we go deep, to the parts of ourselves that scare us, where we meet our dark edges. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKutIFyYPdY Also, check out my upcoming events below. 🙂  [smartslider3 slider="1098"]

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