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Sex Shaman, Sacred prostitute
Sex Shaman, Sacred Prostitute. What do they have in common? When I first was told I was a shaman, years ago, I was confused.  I had always imagined a shaman as an old man, with a long white beard and intricate costumes and accessories who had been born and raised by a tribe in the forest or jungle. I had also imagined they had spent decades being groomed to conduct ceremonies that included animal sacrifices and calling in the four directions. Then on my first mission in Brazil in 2015, I ...
The Erotic Son - Exploring the daddy fantasy with Will Tantra
Our fantasies are not what we think... What gets us hard and wet, can show us our greatest creativity, and also be a tool to  help us heal and become more whole. Over the years I have seen fantasy-work be eye-opening, showing us new parts of ourselves and even healing shame and trauma patterns that are decades old. Undoubtedly, the most popular fantasy I have worked with is the Daddy Fantasy. The magic happens as we find out What are we seeking from in this fantasy? What are we nourishing ...
Ecstasy and agony. What is Tantra?
Ecstasy & Agony. What is Tantra?  Kenneth Ray Stubbs and Marc Peridis speak.  Tantra is a loaded word I have definitely had a love-hate relationship with… mainly because of all the misconceptions that limit its potential. So when legendary author and teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs, who has been involved in tantra for almost 50 years, asked me to sit down and chat for a podcast episode titled "What is tantra?" I couldn't say no.  The gist it?  Tantra is not just a practice of conscious sex, ...
How many times have you died?
How many times have you died? This may sound like a strange question, so let me elaborate:   I am not talking about a physical death, but rather a conceptual one. It’s a death of the “self”, mainly the system of ideas, beliefs and narratives that we allow to define and limit us. As a result, we heal, we grow and can be more connected to truth.  As this death takes place we a rebirth then happens, and we are more connected to our truth. So how how exactly do we die? If you have been watching ...
The medicine of Eros
THE MEDICINE OF EROS  Eros is the process that creates all life. that brings the formless to form It is also a process of death that brings form to formless. The orgasm is an occurrence of Eros that reconnects us to it. This is why for hundreds of years we have referred to the orgasm as petite mort, little death. It is a death of the self, allowing us to expand beyond the limited ideas of who we think we are. We awaken the medicine of eros.  We heal  We grow. We become free We create life.  ...

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