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The Medicine of Eros
“Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual experience because of the momentary loss of self. Why is this true? Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.”  ― Alexandra Katehakis THE MEDICINE OF EROS For that one short moment of orgasm, usually lasting 10-20 seconds, we no longer identify with our stories, our patterns ...
The Medicine of Shamanism
The Medicine of Shamanism The word Shaman comes from the Tungusic word šamán, possibly from Eastern Siberia, which means “the one who knows.” The knowingness we refer to here is not one of traditional knowledge, information or wisdom, but rather a knowing of oneness and the non-local. The non-local is defined by quantum physics as the part of our universe which can’t be touched, measured, understood. It holds the force behind the creation of the of all of existence as well as the blueprint ...
Somatic Movement Therapy
SOMATIC MOVEMENT THERAPY  For me, Somatic movement therapy is a healing method that allows us to find wholeness in the body. We know that everything that exists in our body exists in our consciousness as well, and vice versa. A whole body therefore supports a consciousness in which I am at one with myself, with others around me and with all of existence. I found that the journey to find wholeness often begins by looking at the parts of ourself that are divided and unintegrated. Trauma, ...
Hanging out in the field (Part 2/3)
Hanging out in "The Field"  I often talk about diving into “a space deep below”. …Below the over-active mind, …Beneath our stories, narratives, cultural conditioning,  …Beyond our illusions and limited ideas of who we are.   Science (via quantum physics) refers to this space as the “non-local”. I call it “the field”. It is a potent void where everything ends and everything begins.  It is the land of total absence, beyond any ideas of time, space, good or bad. Last week I wrote about this ...
Exploring the void - Part 1/2
EXPLORING THE VOID Part 1/2 There’s a universe called Absence. Its waves break on the shore of existence. Jump right into that wave. You’ll see your candle light up all the other candles and its light will mix with the light of all the great luminaries The wave of the sea carries you to just such a place in the land of Absence, Where it breaks the ties of your soul, from everything you’re attached to. Only in the land of absence, can you discover your absolute being. You’ll become the king ...

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