For me, Somatic movement therapy is a healing method that allows us to find wholeness in the body.
We know that everything that exists in our body exists in our consciousness as well, and vice versa.
A whole body therefore supports a consciousness in which I am at one with myself, with others around me and with all of existence.

I found that the journey to find wholeness often begins by looking at the parts of ourself that are divided and unintegrated.
Trauma, societal conditioning etc will limit us and keep us from the fullness of who we are.   

Yet although they bring division, they will often hold the very key that will lead us to more wholeness, fullness and integration.

Check out the above video for a quick clip on what Somatic Therapy is to me. 
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The medicine of Eros, two week-long retreats in Costa Rica (April) and Spain (June) will have a strong emphasis on how somatic movement therapy can help us heal our sexual wounds. 

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Sending big love! 

Marc x 

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