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The radical act of taking space
The radical act of taking space. Here is a second video excerpt from my recent conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. In this video, I talk about the importance of turning inwards, a radical act in a world that functions on us relying on what surrounds us. Our world is craving innovation. All of us can be innovators when we take the time to turn inwards, dive deep, and listen to the great wisdom that arises. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: ...
The radical edge of tantra
The radical edge of tantra This video is an excerpt from a conversation with the amazing Kaelan Strouse. What I call the radical edge of tantra is the places where we go deep, to the parts of ourselves that scare us, where we meet our dark edges. See this 8-min video to find out more. You can also see the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKutIFyYPdY Also, check out my upcoming events below. 🙂  [smartslider3 slider="1098"]
Your Erotic Abundance
The work of exploring our sexuality can be highly pleasurable. We can speak about our desires, our fantasies and find new ways of reaching ecstasy and bliss. It can also be gruelling, uncomfortable and deeply challenging. In fact, that is usually when it is the most impactful... 
Reclaiming Power
RECLAIMING POWER Power is a big topic.  Especially when working with sexuality, even more, when working with facilitators, many of whom are working with sexuality. For me, the theme of owning my power has been one I have struggled with for a long time. In my business, I often feared being too much of a "boss" for fear of being a tyrant. As a result, I was continuously compromising and holding back, which made me feel victimised. My inner tyrant would then emerge erratically and ...
Awakening grounding and sensations
  Awakening grounding and sensations A somatic practice  In this short video, I share some somatic therapy practice elements that are the most foundational to the work I do.  They relate to grounding and increasing our awareness of sensations: two of the most important starting points for a healing journey. 1- Feeling sensations more deeply.  As I feel my body's sensations more fully, I get a stronger sense of who I truly am, of my truth. This allows me to gain an awareness of my ...

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