How can we achieve an effortless existence?

Talking about an effortless existence might seem a bit abstract, or almost too good to be true. What does achieving an effortless existence actually mean?

If you look at nature, there’s no effort in nature. It’s a process that just happens. Flowers blossom, seeds are planted, rain falls, sun shines, and plants grow. That same process is behind the creation of us humans – cells are formed when a sperm meets an egg, and a baby begins to grow.

We seem to have forgotten that we come from such an effortless process. We’ve created this world that’s structured around systems – school, education, work, society. Systems that go against the order of nature. It’s not effortless.

Take a moment and focus on your breathing. Put your hand over your heart and feel your heart beating. It’s effortless – you are breathing and your heart is beating and you don’t need to do anything to make that happen. Our breath and our heartbeat are the most essential things in our life and they happen effortlessly. Why shouldn’t everything else be effortless?

Your Erotic Essence

Your Erotic Essence is a workshop series that is all about realising who we are in this world. What is it that I’m here for? What’s unique about me? What is my purpose?

It’s an important step in the journey towards an effortless existence.

What’s so beautiful about this process is that it connects us to a part of ourselves that’s bigger than just our physical form or physical presence.

The transformation that we’re embarking on with this workshop series is to look at the question of how do we get ourselves to a place where we feel fulfilled, and how do we live a meaningful life in an effortless and abundant way?

This journey of personal transformation isn’t something that begins and ends. What I’m providing you with is a blueprint to a process that you can engage with continuously.

What are the steps in this journey?

In this workshop series, there are three major pillars that we use to help us connect with our erotic essence.

Energy work

What a shaman does is support other people’s development through energetic transmission.

Somatic movement

Every workshop session in this series is a guided process – we use certain sounds, breaths, and movements to bring our body back to a more primordial way of being.

In this culture that we’ve created, we tend to be very linear. The practices we explore in this workshop series take us out of that linear mode and enable us to become more aligned to who we really are.

Eros and Orgasm

The orgasm is what begins the creation process of every human being. The Ancient Greeks used to say that the universe uses our sexual organs as a creative force. The orgasm is the strongest energy we can experience as humans.

We refer to Eros as sex, desire, and love. But that’s a more modern version – the original version was the coming into form of what is infinite and what is limitless.

That’s what we’re unlocking with this workshop series. Our erotic essence – our infinite and limitless potential.

Sign up to be part of Your Erotic Essence

This first session in this series is free – take the first step on your personal journey of transformation.

The 90-minute session will begin with a short arrival meditation to set the energy of the container, followed by a short lecture on the power of Eros and the orgasm and how it relates to our human potential. 

There will then be a sharing space for participants to share their contexts, challenges, experiences, and questions, followed by a demonstration will show the elements of the practice we will be working with.

At the heart of the session will be a guided practice to awaken the power of eros and the orgasm in the body and bring knowingness deep into the cellular level. We will end with a closing Q&A and sharing space.

Online live workshops are not your thing? Watch a recording at home in your own time.