Here you can access the short and informative videos and articles published periodically.
These will usually range from 5 to 20 minutes and will offer valuable insights on how we can transform our lives with the power of sexuality.

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In this 7-min video, you will learn techniques of breath, sound and eros that will support you in awakening spontaneous movement in the body.
  Your erotic Shadow - Lecture 1 - First 10 minutes OVERVIEW What is shadow work? How do we process it? How does it relate to Eros, sexuality, energy work and shamanism? This video shares the first 10 minutes of the Erotic Shadow online course and series. You will get a brief introduction on what is the shadow, what is the benefit of overcoming it, how it relates to energy work, shamanism and how it relates to Eros. I hope you enjoy it and it resonates. If you would like to go further [...]
In this video, I share 4 ways that we can develop the abilities to achieve deep transformation. If this work resonates, check out the 4-week series which starts 04 March 2021: The Erotic shadow. https://orgasmicshaman.com/event/the-erotic-shadow-series/2021-03-04/
5 ways to better use porn In this 20-minute video, I share 5 ways that we can turn our porn use into a healthier and more transformative experience. To access the video Masturbating with Leo Grin which I mention in this talk, click here: https://orgasmicshaman.com/masturbating-with-leo/
  Our most shameful sexual fantasies - In this video, I speak about our most shameful sexual fantasies, how we benefit from engage with them in different ways, and how we go about doing so.
Erotic inspirations part 1- Lecture In this 15 minute video, I share about how ancient civilisations considered eros and sexual energy our most creative energy, a potent tool for our personal growth. The practice videos, parts 2-5, are available to paid members of the site. Try a 7-day free trial here: https://orgasmicshaman.com/tutorial-subscription/
How to engage with our shadow - (15 min) This 15-minute video is a short intensive class in engaging with our shadow.
Practicing the hu breath In this short video, I demonstrate the Hu breath by continuum movement. This breath is great for activating sexual energy while pleasuring and allowing that energy to move up and down our midline, and core energy channel.  NSFW
This 7-minute video aims to explain the concept of the full-body orgasm. To purchase the full video, click here.  
This 7-min video will introduce you to the topic of becoming multi-orgasmic. You can purchase the full course by clicking here. 
In this short 4-min video, you will be introduced to the practice of achieving the full-body orgasm. To purchase the whole video: click here. 
This short 6-minute video introduces us to the practice of becoming multi-orgasmic. To purchase the full video, click here. 
Orgasmic shamanism - an introduction (6 min) This 6-min clip offers a brief introduction on the theory behind the practice of orgasmic shamanism. It was recorded during an online workshop in April 2020. To view the full workshop, view the free videos here.